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Top 5 Effects of Sensory Processing Disorder on Family

Sensory Processing Disorder can have a very big impact on everyday family life.

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Pointing is one of the earliest nonverbal modes of communication typically growing children develop.

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Developing Play

Play is the primary means through which children learn and develop many other skills such as language, cognition, perception, gross and fine motor functions, imitation, listening, joint attention, social interactions and communication. Development of play in the early years of a child, therefore, becomes critical to his/her further development.

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LIMITED EYE CONTACT – A Communication Deficit

Though we do not pay much attention to the concept of ‘Eye Contact’, lack of the same can cause significant misunderstandings in our communication with others. Eye contact expresses varied emotions and connotations such as love, admiration, boredom, friendliness, anger, guilt, disgust, threat etc and the timing of the eye contact is equally important while communicating with people around us.

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The ability to follow the head and eye direction of another individual is one of the earliest signs of the development joint attention. Children attempt to achieve joint attention by pointing, stretching hand towards item/person of interest, turning head to source and all this to communicate their interest.

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Is your child a genius at “Reading” or is it ‘Hyperlexia?”

To distinguish between reading genius & hyperlexia